Annalisa hosted the mid-day show for many years at KFOG.

She took over Ten at Ten after Dave Morey retired in 2008.

After KFOG let her go, she worked at KFOX (San Francisco/San Jose) and WXRV in Boston.

Big Rick Stuart

Big Rick Stuart

Big Rick Stuart hosted evenings at KFOG, 4pm - 11pm weekdays.

Born and raised in the East Bay, Rick has been a proud resident of Oakland for many years.

Before he joined KFOG, Rick worked at KQAK The Quake and Live 105 in San Francisco.

After being let go from KFOG, Rick worked at KFOX and KVYN.

Dave Morey

Dave Morey

Dave Morey was one of the most celebrated and beloved KFOG DJs. His legendary Ten at Ten show was an enormous hit with listeners.

When KFOG switched over from beautiful music to rock in 1982, Dave played the first record ("Rock This Town" by the Stray Cats), and Dave's voice was the first to be heard, announcing the new format.

Originally working mid-days, Dave later moved to mornings.

Dave retired from KFOG on December 19, 2018, and moved to Michigan.

When KFOG celebrated its final day on the air on September 5, 2019, they played much of the recording of Dave's final show from December 2008, and the rest of the day's broadcast included 11 episodes of Ten at Ten.

Irish Greg McQuaid

Irish Greg McQuaid

Greg McQuaid, known to KFOG listeners as Irish Greg, was a producer and co-host of the Morning Show for nearly 18 years.


Recently, Irish Greg has been working with Renee Richardson on Renee & Irish Greg's Pop UP!, recording shows for Soundwaves at various events around San Francisco. He's also an accomplished runner who set himself the goal of running 52 marathons in 52 weeks.

M. Dung

M. Dung was a beloved KFOG air personality, best known for the Sunday Night Idiot Show and his time on the morning show.

His real name was Mike Slavko.

His on-air personality was distinctive and immediately recognizable, punctuated with signature phrases: "baybay," "aay-waay," "YOW!"

The Idiot Show was a fantastic, eclectic mix of oldies, soul, and rock.

Dung could be heard on KFOG until 1992.

Mike passed away in 2017.

Peter Finch

Peter Finch

In addition to serving as KFOG's news director, Peter Finch was part of the Morning Show for many years.

He created the award-winning Fogfiles series.

Peter is continuing his outstanding reporting with The Finch Files.

Renee Richardson

Renee Richardson

Renee Richardson was part of KFOG for 17 years, including a long run as co-host of the Morning Show. She worked at KITS (Live 105) in San Francisco before coming to KFOG.

She helped create KFOG's Local Scene music series.

Renee was named KFOG Music Director in 2012 and began hosting Ten at Ten.

Renee can now be heard on the air at The Krush 95.9 in the California wine country.

Rosalie Howarth

Rosalie Howarth

Rosalie Howarth shared her lovely voice and her extraordinary love of music with KFOG listeners for more than 30 years.

She was best known for her long-running Sunday morning program Acoustic Sunrise, which aired on Sunday mornings from 7 am until noon, complemented by Acoustic Sunset from 6-8 pm on Sunday evenings.

Acoustic Sunrise was cancelled in 2018; the last program was on May 20, 2018.

Rosalie currently hosts the Putumayo World Music Hour.

This is her bio as it appeared on in 2005:

I'm a California girl, born and raised, and have lived in the Bay Area for 21 years. I grew up in Monterey, walking the railroad tracks of Cannery Row as a kid with a transistor radio glued to my ear, and started running away to San Francisco as a teenybopper in the Summer of Love.

My first radio endeavor was helping to found a non-commercial community station in my home town of Pacific Grove. I evolved into rock radio at a 70's free-form "progressive" FM station, KLRB in Carmel. Much of the staff, library, and format continued on at stations KWST and KMBY (FM) after KLRB was sold. Then I heard of a part-time opening at a new progressive station in San Francisco, KFOG. I got the gig and haven't budged since!

I've had the privilege of working at KFOG for the past 22 years, and have programmed Acoustic Sunrise for 12 years. It's a disc jockey's dream come true. I also serve as Director of Special Programming, producing Live From the Archives the Show each week, which means I get to play around in our extensive collection of live KFOG concert recordings. It's a very humbling experience, sort of like being a museum curator. Outside of the station, I write and co-host the nationally syndicated radio show "The Putumayo World Music Hour", heard on 125 stations throughout North America, including KFOG at 6 Sunday mornings.

My husband and I lived in the Richmond District of the City for 10 years, and then moved with our two daughters in 1994 to Walnut Creek. It's one of the East Bay's best 'burbs with a small-town feel! Currently our youngest Holly is in 8th grade, and our senior Amanda will be off to college next year. Yikes!

Our compound is "fiercely" guarded by our smooth-coated Border Collie Jammer, who has many semi-neurotic self-identified duties, such as barking at the golfers on the course behind our house. He's convinced that he is the only reason they keep on moving by. Our place is modest and we live a fairly conventional life; carpool, school and kids' activities…BARTing to work… spiced up with occasional concerts and shows. My favorites are our KFOG Private Concerts in the Playspace.

The biggest pleasure of working at KFOG (besides the massive library) is the listeners. Fogheads are pretty universally recognized as being the most classy, polite, generous, fun and compassionate listeners of any radio station in America. Just go to Kaboom and you'll see what I mean!


Bill Webster

Bill Webster grew up in Detroit and worked in Lansing and Pittsburgh and was on the air on KLLC "Alice" for 11 years at  before coming to KFOG.

Webster joined the Morning Show after Dave Morey retired in 2008; before that, Webster had been doing weekends at KFOG, so he had a built-in listening audience.

KFOG let Webster go in the mass firings of April 2016.