KFOG is Forever

Remembering KFOG

KFOG was a beloved and influential radio station in San Francisco.

KFOG was special.

KFOG built community and inspired extraordinary affection in its listeners.

Carefully crafted KFOG programs - especially Acoustic Sunrise and Ten at Ten - reached a level of art rarely found in commercial radio.

We remember KFOG and all the good times we shared over the air.

Ten at Ten Thanksgiving Turkeys

Add some turkeys to your holidays with these Ten at Ten Thanksgiving shows:

Ten at Ten, November 26, 2008 - Turkeys

Ten at Ten, November 21, 2007 - Turkeys

Ten at Ten, November 22, 2006 - Turkeys


... and join other Fogheads in giving thanks:

Ten at Ten, November 24, 2005 - Thanks

Ten at Ten, November 25, 2004 - Thanks

Today on Ten at Ten

Ten at Ten archive

Farewell from Rosalie

Hey Fogheads, it's Rosalie - and thank you for your ears all those years, and for your company every Sunday on our little oasis of serenity, Acoustic Sunrise. We had 27 years together every weekend to celebrate and be grateful and to process the events of the day, and I want to thank the musicians, too - all those singer-songwriters and intelligent bands - who gave us a conduit to refresh and renew ourselves every week. That was truly a gift.

And, like every storyline is an arc, this one has finally come to the end of its rainbow. So it's time to let it go, and let it be. 37 years of KFOG - that is a good run.

I ran into a fan at Trader Joe's the other day and she told me she was raised on KFOG - her parents played it in the car - and then it became her tradition on weekends to make pancakes for her own kids with the radio on in the kitchen. So I thought, well, three generations of Fogheads - that's an achievement.

Kaboom, the Live from the Archives CDs, the Local Scene CDs, Concerts for Kids, My Three Songs, the Saturday morning Ten at Ten Marathon ...

So, as we salute those legendary letters, K F O G, 104.5, I thank you for being part of the community and the camaraderie. What we had was irreplaceable, and I got nothin' but gratitude.

(played on air on KFOG's last day in the 11:00 hour)




I miss KFOG! What can I do?