KFOG Forever by Kristi Wachter

I was a long-time Foghead (a Registered Foghead, even) and an avid listener for many years.

I was saddened when a friend passed along the news that KFOG was closing down completely, and I wanted to create this simple site to honor all the wonderful years of great music and wonderful people that I remembered from the best years of KFOG.


I am grateful to the creators of Drupal, the tool I used to build this website - it let me put something together in very little time:

Sep 5, 8:15 am: I found out about KFOG's last day and started listening to the final broadcast

Sep 5, 11:30 pm: I wondered whether I might put together a quick tribute site

Sep 6, 6:00 am: I registered the domain kfogforever.com

Sep 6, 6:30 am: I started building the site

Sep 7, 8:45 pm: after putting in less than 15 hours working on the site (including research and very minimal design), I shared the new site with my friends on Metafilter Projects


My hardly-ever-updated blog is at kristi-wachter.com, and my email address is kristi@kristi-wachter.com.


Thanks for joining me in remembering all the best things about KFOG.